Saturday, January 07, 2017

Risked a chicken run

I had to enter the pen to collect eggs and face off against the duck. This time I went on the offence and when I entered I grabbed the duck and put it on the compost bin. It's about four feet high so the duck can safely hop off but it takes a while for it to leap to do so.

As it was dazed by my bin-relocation and unable to attack me I checked the new hutch for eggs and finding none then checked the old, seeing five. The duck had gotten off the bin but because I had picked it up and "dominated it" the duck avoided me instead of attacking.

No, instead the fucking chickens attacked. Just as I was going for the eggs and putting them carefully into a red plastic jug they attacked my hands with fearsome pecking. I got all five eggs then when I straightened they didn't continue the attack like the duck would have by going for my feet. I think the chickens thought I had treats in my hand and they were rightfully seeking it because thewife and theboy give them treats from their hands.

Fearing future animosity and understanding their desire I later fed them the spoiling seedless green grapes from the top of the fridge. Not from my precious hand, though; I chucked them over the fence.

Those fuckers better remember I ponied up with the good stuff the next time I risk a chicken run.

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