Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Pain free > did chores > gagged and hurt back

When you're a person with disability (multiple) that causes discomfort and pain, when you have those rare moments not soaked in pain you rush and do stuff before your body says no again.

I can ride 20 kays on an exercise bike with some effort but bending and lifting objects is hard for me due to a failing skeleton. 

I had to de-turd the cat litter. I rarely have to do it but I was the only one on deck so after a number of other chores done I did it—having saved it to last in case of disaster (1).

It's lucky I did because it was full—with a planned 10 days between total change—and it needed doing. But because of its heft it was hard to pick up, hard to carry and, as it was day five, it was hard to be around. On the third gag I wrenched my back—the very back that has been healing and causing pain and discomfort in addition to disability as usual.

Fortunately the wrench, while it hurt, didn't stay hurting and the cleanse was completed.

That's what it is to live with a disability. That you master some parts of your life with ease but other parts are a hurdle.

But I wouldn't have it any other way; the disabled—we're diamonds in the rough.

(Fist raised for comrades with a disability).


(1) Like how the live tiger scene is always shot last in a movie.

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