Monday, January 16, 2017

It's a cascade of scary

DJT is t-minus four days and counting from the presidency and it's a cascade of scary. 

As the Washington Post has pointed out the presidency of Trump will be like none other; where truth is not truth and where the power of the office will be turned on the fourth estate.

This is deep scary stuff. The US was a continuum of steady as she goes for the world order and it's like the captain turned up drunk to spin the wheel just to see the fuck what happens. 

I read a book recently about the awesome power of the office to do good; the book recounting the deeds done by presidents past that lifted others. But also deeds that damaged. For all the good he did, and there was some governance good, Nixon was treis evil. 

At least Nixon knew government.

Trump is balls deep scary. He has no knowledge of actual government and has lived a life of nasty plenty. He does not care about reality; he cares about Trumpality. 

And he's about to foist Trumpality on the world; the fucking world. 

We loved Obama, we loved his taking executive action (because he had to). But he's handing over that power and those developed protocols to a man, in his words, that is uniquely unsuited for the office; an office that can inflict insta-death on civilisation.

I read too that even Russia got worried during the campaign when Trump slagged off the family of deceased soldiers; thinking for the US people that was just too far. It may have even been too far for them.

It wasn't; he went further. He'll go further still. 

He did not throw the presidential playbook out the window; he just didn't need that playbook. He had profile of looking presidential to morons and he used that to the max. He did it on the cheap too. He got the office like no other person could have done. There is but one DJT.

And now he's going to be #45. 

Probs save us all. I bet those scientists with the doomsday clock are going to move that second needle a lot closer to 12...

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