Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Good government is the solution, not the problem

DJT has launched himself on to the US federal government and immediately hit it with a hiring freeze.

Like other assorted non-government cock-spanks he has come into government and stopped government. Because he has no concept of government of being the locus of the greater good.

Good government is the bedrock of society; it is the expressed value of a state in the form of its currency value as a well-governed state has a stable dollar.

So any action that undermines good government such as a blanket hiring freeze damages the country and damages its money.

So why do they do it? Because it plays well to stupid people who do not see the value of government even though without it their lives would be hunter gatherer in base and the standard dwelling would be a cave and or humpy; presuming they even make it that far given infant mortality would likely climb back to 50 per cent.

Hiring freezes damage governments; natural attritition is encouraged and corporate knowledge is lost as experienced staff leave and no staff are hired to replace them.

But such an action is par for the course for DJT; a man whose career is defined by voiding the social contract for safe working conditions with his hiring of underpaid labour crews without proper WHS training or equipment and for still being in spite of the evidence pro-asbestos.

So once again the workers of government have been trashed and had support pulled in their efforts to deliver good government because the fucksticks in charge do not believe in government even though their lives of monstrous privilege depend utterly on it.

(Fist raised in solidarity for resource-starved US government workers).

UPDATE: This proclamation issued by DJT has me at a loss; both for its messanic overtones and antithesis to actual actions already undertaken to make America decidedly less great. Poor America, you do not deserve this.

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