Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fail to strangle a baby in its crib then watch it strangle back

As a confirmed wikaholic and a nerd I spend entire days lost in Wikipedia following interesting wikis. 

I've read a lot about revolutions of late and how those movements govern themselves and others and it very much seems to be a case of baby see, baby do.

Each of the big revolutions such as Russia in 1917 and in China from 1911 onward until 1949 when the communists won saw these revolutions countered with foreign actors supplying materiel and money to do so.

It turns out revolutionaries take that shit personally. They also take the lesson of not only fighting back but then purging themselves and their people of anti-revolutionaries of which not that many are at all anti-revolutionary. They're typically normal people from the wrong place or class or they're the people who spoke up against the toxic effects of revolution.

That's when perverse anti-people acts like death lists happen.

The Russian revolution was actively fought by Western powers and then Russia, now a paranoid super security state, not only savaged their own people in rebuilding the state but rightfully prepared for action against the Western powers that tried to strangle it in its crib. They also forced Marxism on other states to further protect themselves.

The west did that in China as well. And in Vietnam. And in all three countries oppression resulted from that interference. Oppression from the status quo then often worse oppression from the new status quo. That and and with now hardened revolutionary leaders in power often means awful governmentAction! Vs talk and consensus leads to appalling democidal outcomes.

Revolutions are hideously messy horrors but almost all of them are sparked by shitty treatment of the populace ... who then act shitty to the former oppressors, their friends, family, their interests or people who wear glasses.

If there is a lesson out of this I guess it's you better be sure about strangling that baby; because if you fuck it up that baby will grow up and strangle back.

History; it's top down meets bottom up.

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