Sunday, January 15, 2017


Last night my laptop went weird. It started opening up search windows and it froze in an unusual display. Unable to do anything and fearing malevolent forces I yanked the power—for the laptop's battery never worked and it has to work off the mains.

I sat before it just now, ready to see what the fuck it was that it was when I noticed that the sack containing the Christmas tree was mashed up against the detachable keyboard that was still plugged in. 

Yeah ... the fail was due to "mass button press and hold" by a rogue packed Christmas tree—not malevolent forces.

Unless, that is, the Christmas tree has been recruited and is a Manchurian Christmas tree—like DTJ as soon-to-be comrade head of the executive.  

I'll surveill to see if it does any other weird shit in the shed like meeting with Easter dissidents.

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