Friday, January 27, 2017

Balding? Don't fight it

I told theboy and his friend about the likely state of Trump's hair at natural restbald on top, long at the back. And at play then the hair is combed forward then frozen with spray.

They were horrified. They could not see the value of such a falsehood.

I started balding at 26at the crown. I had an arse-long pony tail at the time.

The PT was gone about a week later.

Donald Trump's hair is a metaphor for his being; a glittering facade on a ball of crap.

Going bald? Don't fight it. Fighting it just makes you look and act worse.

Think how much nicer a bald Trump might act. Melania should shave him at night. Then he'll come out all dreamy and nice ... like Dark Helmet in Spaceballs after he was concussed due to ludicrous speed.

Do it, Melania, do it for the world!

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