Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Public toilets, public shaming

I was heading up the stairs to a public toilet when a teenage boy skidded his bike to a halt behind me. The loud, sudden noise sparked a fight (slash) flight reaction and I recoiled into myself, my fist raised and scream-yelled "JESUS" as per my default decidedly-lapsed x'tian upbringing go to curse. 

An old man, red-faced and portly, laughed at me—"you look like you're going to punch on, mate!" he said with giddy abandon at my response.

"No, mate," I said icily, "I have PTSD and that sparked my anxiety."

Without stopping to view his reaction I went in, went, then went back outside. Both he and the bike-rider were gone.

It was fucked having an F/F reaction in public, but made far worse for a fuckstick pointing it out and laughing at me.

That's life with a psychological injury; you have to put up with abuse from fuckwits for having one.

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