Monday, December 12, 2016

Plug pulled

I had three days no-movement-build-up then WHAM, it all dropped this morning.

Normally this would be a stay home day. But it's not because I am working in a different plane of existence with an automatic cease date.

So I am fording on, undies in a bag just in case.

It's the price you pay for taking yourself to market—pushing yourself when you should not—but it's a world of deadlines meets triage and you just have to throw yourself into it.

Friday was the worst day, for I'd discovered a landing URL had changed which meant re-doing all the work I'd done. But I kept a log so that combined with searches meant just a solid near 11 hour day of music, a document with links loaded and patient, methodical combing through sites to change a link and owning text.

I got to the end in a daze, staggering off down the corridor to go home. Then my system clamped up and I spent days of abdominal discomfort before discharge.


UPDATE: I survived. Go me!

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