Thursday, December 29, 2016

Pimped self with a tenth ping

On my last day I sent out another ping; a broadcast one to the senior peeps I'd worked for along with my CV, for if any work comes that they can see me doing.

It felt good to do it—except I got a date wrong and had to recall it then resend with a correction.

On that same last day I got a beautiful farewell from someone leaving his role but staying with the org. He deeply thanked me for being a great part of the team and for all the work I did. 

He had no investment in my happiness—he was off to a new part for a new job—but he took the time to show his appreciation.

It meant a lot. 

He was also the cat that spotted I got the date wrong and prompted me to resend.

We have to work with the people we work with. If we're lucky we work with people worth knowing.

They were all worth knowing. How lucky was I to finish out a project with awesome peeps by my side.


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