Saturday, December 31, 2016

I miss #44 already

Obama hasn't left office but I already keenly feel his absence—because Trump is already shouting his opinion on anything that is in his face like a laser spot before a cat and as the heir taking over in three weeks his opinion matters more.

I saw a journo on a talk show dot point the excellence of Barack Obama and how while we're missing him now even before he's left wait until six months into a DT presidency—then we'll be missing him.

And we are missing him. Because Obama only has three weeks there's nothing substantive he can do now that cannot be immediately undone once he goes by not only Trump but also by the ghastly choir of repubs from the house with the backing of Trump.

The whole world is going to miss President Obama. I'm just hoping our reminiscences of his excellence aren't going to be held around a sputtering fire in the ruins of civilization that once was. 

Trump and the Republicans won the presidency by racial animus, misogyny and a barrel full of lies. 

And now they're the government. 

With such a foundation how can their rule be anything but failure?

Here's hoping I am wrong.

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