Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Construction complete

I completed my core project a week early—even with delays all the prep work I did made it quick to implement.

All that's left to do is cosmetic. Don't get me wrong—how a site looks is important. But what's most important is all the fucking links work.

And they fucking work.

I broke the seal on no Diet Coke; I had three on Friday as I forged through web changes with blinding speed and had two again today. I'm not re-hooked; I had it for caffeine 'cause I didn't get it together to take A2 milk to work for coffee. But that's how "Game on, mols" I went to get it all done; voiding my 18 month ban on guzzling my former dank mistress.

If I'm focused then I'll get to finish the purty-phase as well. It's the fun part—making a shit site look well gives you a fucking buzz. I'm lucky to have a job that provides such satisfaction. A job soon ending but a job fucking well done.

(Area man tidies up ranch after chasing away the town's no goods).

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