Thursday, December 29, 2016

Comedy lore imparted

One of the immense joys of parenting is imparting the knowledge of kewl movies, books and music. 

And TV shows ... and movies inspired by TV shows.

And that's how it came to be theboy finally saw Wayne's World

He loved it; he's seen WW on SNL before but never the whole movie. I paused it more than once to explain a joke and point out excellence in craft by the director. 

It's amazing to give those gifts to your child; to show them genius and for them to recognise it and love it too.

I would have been pretty devo had he hated it. But, given he loved it as a skit, I felt sure he'd love the movie.

It should of course be noted that he recreated the underpants-in-the-crack bit before the movie had even ended.

That boy's got talent

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