Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Trump fiasco: where the police meddle in the polis

This black swan of an election result was brought to you by the letters F, B and I

Hooray for domestic federal law enforcement directly influencing the outcome of a national world-affecting election.

Hilariously, those self-righteous douches would be proud of themselves for what they've done. 

Monsters, the lot of them. They single handily set back progressive, normative seeking of rights and systemic improvements to baseline education and early development for all by at least 2–4 years (1)—let alone the impact on walking back action on the environment, the changing of which is the greatest threat human civilisation has ever faced. Did they think about that? Or are they climate change deniers as well?

Fucksticks; they just enabled the greatest security threat to America since Nixon. 

(Face palm).

(1) I say two because I heartily suspect Trump will be gone within 24 months through resignation ahead of certain impeachment. Good one, cock-spanks, good one.

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