Friday, November 18, 2016

Project pushed; satisfaction gained

Technocrats are jugglers; not of things but of projects. You have a dozen on the go at various stages but now and then you go hard to push one through.

I went hard and pushed one through and justified actions taken after the fact.

A boss asked how I was going. I said "I've seized control of X, Y and Z and I'll let people know what I've done after I've done it."

He said "good man" because taking charge means achieving results. 

The worst part of being a technocrat is relying on bureaucrats. So if you can just take over you're always better off.

Technocrats; we get the shit done.


UPDATE: I just realised what five words make me sing: "get Mikey to do it". Because if they give it to me to do then it will get the fuck done.

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