Friday, November 25, 2016

New white goods; not all white

We finished our refresh of white goods, gone the goods that helped when purchased new some 20 years before. 

A handsome stainless steel finish job is the fridge and the mini-freezer energy sucker has been replaced by a bigger, less-energy intense effort. 

The new dryer is up on the wall—and lowered by a centimetre over the last one which makes it easier for a short man like me to use. I had to go on tippy-toes and each time I went up I risked a spasm or lock from my over-developed calf muscles—they look like a snake ate an avocado.

Twenty years on and all twenty in Canberra. We came here to study and we built a life. 

A life that's had a total white goods refresh.

(strokes new goods; purring).

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