Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Leg shart

It's technically not physically possible to shart out your left leg but it is possible to shart on it.

My IBS reverse-quickening reached its logical end point with a violent shart that expelled itself down my left leg—I had to wipe liquid shit from the back of my knee. 

It's a first for me—the leg shart—and I hope it's a last.

Being able to control your bowels is a fundamental part of normative human activity. To leg shart is to be less than human.

But I'm still mobile—I was able to clean up and shower myself. There are hundreds and thousands of far more disabled people that can't even do that—and they're just as human if not more so than me. So that's a dumb thing to say; I'm just a human with nasty bowel issues.

Anyway better leg shart than dead.


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