Friday, November 18, 2016

I have a bigger beak

I found something that wards off the duck—my orange grabber stick. Its claw with rubber discs is beak-like and fearsome and the length of the tool gives me reach. 

I've not even gone into the pen or used it; I've just presented it and the duck has run off into the yard.

Last evening each time it attempted beak-rasping-on-gate intimidation I opened the shed door, got the grabber, and showed it. 

Then it would run away. 

It happened a dozen times before dusk. 

This morning it avoided me. It is not standing at the gate in a frenetic desire to tunnel it then through the tops of my feet. 

So it turns out I just needed a bigger beak; and I don't even have to use it—nor would I. I just have to show it.

Area man wins this round. 

Of course there will come a point when the gate is left open and the shed door is locked. Then we will see if it stays fearful then, when I have no ability to grab a grabber.

My predication is it will come for me with the fury of a newborn sun.

UPDATE: Literally as I left the shed it came to the gate for some good ole beak-rasp. I produced the grabber and it ran away. When I came back out it avoided me.

Perhaps it's got a brain issue? Maybe its memory resets at night so any efforts to get along are wasted because it forgets and defaults to attack mode.

I'd say it had the memory span of a goldfish but they have a span of at least three months. So I could train a goldfish (1) but I can't train a challenged psychotic duck


(1) Public speaking; "No, it's bilililioooop, not bloopiiillli, let's try again. Now, after me ... bilililioooop". 

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