Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Flipped off the duck

Our duck is psychotic. If you stand at the sheathed wire gate it will frantically rasp its beak back and forth along the mesh in a vain attempt to deal you duck death.

The gate's grill is fine enough that even if you press a finger against the mesh the beak cannot hurt you.

I traced my middle finger back and forth, its beak manically following, smug it could not hurt me. Then flipped the digit and left it pressed against the gate and in its face.

"Errrrrrghhhh," I sneered with aggression.

I cannot stress this enough; the duck started it.

UPDATE: The gate got left open and the fucker came for me.

I had bare feet. It circled me in a frenzy and got my foot tops twice on each foot. That's blowback, baby; beak-based blowback. 

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