Monday, November 21, 2016

Broke bread; bread rejected

Breaking bread, for those civilisations blessed with grain, is a time-honoured means of greeting and welcome.

theboy and I broke bread and fed it to the duck and the chickens.

Well, not the duck. I attempted to feed it bread, a long skinny bit I tried to make look like a worm. It instead went past the bread to the side of my finger then turned its beak and bit me.

Sociopathic little fucker. It literally spurned the bread I broke with it.

theboy was annoyed but I explained it wasn't the duck's fault. Maybe it will learn I'm not a threat and we'll reach a steady peace. I can't see it happening—each time it gets out it comes for me.

Maybe this is just my own personal The Birds with my own personal "the bird"? In that we as a being each have a nasty bird experience and this one is mine. 

My nasty bird experience. So far ... it's nasty.

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