Friday, November 11, 2016

An amusing question

As an editor of internal sites I end up having a lot of draft emails left over at the end of the day—because you're clicking on boxes to test email links work. 

I was closing out for the day and for some reason my new box's speakers were on. 

I was speeding through closing drafts and filling the world with a merry pinging noise as I went.

That was when a boss asked if I was closing down p0rn pop-ups

I laughed; how could I not? That's exactly what it sounded like.

Earlier, after people had teased me for my G-rated cursing and using substitutes such as "biscuits!" for hard and nasty words, I told them how close I'd come to yelling "willies!" instead.

Willies; what a wonderful word to have yelled with frustration. 

It was a sexy day.

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