Friday, October 28, 2016

Multiple triggers but survived then thrived

Sudden, loud and or discordant noise is a trigger and sometimes such noises are able to slip past defences and spark off an anxiety reaction. 

This morning I dealt with a leaf blower, an over loud traffic light ticker and then an Action bus that, when it went in and out of second gear, sent a grinding, metal on metal sound juddering through the vehicle.

In the end I had the heels of my palms pressed firmly against my ears right up until the bus stopped and I could alight without fear.

Then, as I walked away, the anxiety ebbed. Though my fight (slash) flight was up I didn't suffer an acute reaction and then had an awesome day of thunderous activity. 

My ability to handle triggers is improving. I'll still have moments where they pull but when they do pull they'll hopefully not do as much damage.

So take that, assorted industrial noises, I will be your master.


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