Saturday, October 08, 2016

Man meets bird

While at the coast a pair of insanely beautiful parrots came visiting. theboy and I fed them some bread. One of them hopped onto my hand to start pecking at the slice I held.

I had that rush of me > universe roil through as I beheld this amazing creature, felt its weight as it moved about on my palm and heel and which let me stare it in the one cocked eye as it ate.

I was standing at first then slowly moved to sit, keeping my hand still as I could—difficult given my fine tremour. Then I got to behold an incredible result of evolution prancing about on my palm and just absorb the experience (1). 

Feeling one with the universe; fuck me, what a feeling


(1) So a far nicer nature experience than the ATTACK OF THE GIANTS ANTS AND LAND LEECH  that came later. 

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