Sunday, October 09, 2016

Just cut out and waited until it passed

I had to get my hair and beard hacked back ahead of face-to-face activity and just as I closed on Just Cuts a toddler was screaming as their hair was cut.

I stopped, turned, and walked quickly five metres away then tested if I could hear the crying. I could so I went another 10 metres.

The attack had kicked in at this point so I stood up the corridor in the lower floor of the Hyperdome just waiting for the anxiety to pass, with tears rolling down my face and a roil of fight (slash) flight flooding my system.

The unfairness of my injury crimping normal activity washed over me for a few moments as the distress discharged but after a short while it passed, along with the crying.

The toddler left and I got called back to get my haircut. As I left the chair post cut I shouted I was freshly shorn like a lamb and frolicked around the place in a happy just-out-the-gate-and-no-winter-coat dance. The staff laughed.

That I can have an acute attack, ride it out in public without anger, then progress onto normal life and make others laugh is nothing short of incredible.

(Fist raised for resilient comrade Mikey).


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