Friday, October 21, 2016

In the beginning

Emails all have to start somewhere and always they start with a word. 

True, you could start an email with a picture but the picture would appear in the body of the email—there's words that come before that.

I'm talking subject line, y'all.

Alas my Outlook does not give me spell-check courtesy on words in the subject line—it's not designed for it. 

So that's how it came to pass that in the beginning—the first word in that subject line—I spelled that word incorrectly.

It was a fucking important word too. A word that, when spelled correctly, I'd likely search for using the find function and it may not find it if the basic find only drills subject line deep—though of course advanced find will bypass the error since I had correctly spelled every other word after that, in the subject line and body of the email, and had vigorously proofed the fucker before sending.

Except, as it turned out, the subject line.

That's a major fail. I told my boss about it—and even showed him a print out with the error shamefully marked by a scornful black oval. He told me not to worry about it but worry about it I did.

It was the first word for fuck's sake.


UPDATE: Have just discovered my laptop Outlook checks the subject line before sending. So it's not that it can't do it it's just that the version I was using can't do it. Nertz!

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