Saturday, October 08, 2016

Duck into the shed

We inherited three chickens and a duck from people who could no longer keep them.

The duck, potentially a boy, is a beakerer (i.e. pecks at you with its beak). It just had a go at my feet and legs but my slippers and ladies PJ pants preventing the beaking from doing any real harm. 

Then it tried to duck into the shed, baking in my shake as I entered and following in behind. It was only an alert from thewife that caused me to spin around and bounce it from my tin-walled establishment.

Cheeky fucking duck trying to duck into my shed. I'll have none of that.

The duck is named "Sqaishey" for the YouTube character (slash) persona. Awesome sauce (1).  

(1) ... to have with duck is hoisin.

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