Friday, October 21, 2016

Big wall gone; better barrier in place

Unlike Donald Trump our household wall-based needs are relatively easy and without moral cost—but still beyond my physicality to achieve.

thewife on the other hand is a manual dexterity wunderkind and can assemble shit and make her own as well. 

So it came to be that the unsightly, unsafe array of old doors and bamboo fencing that separated the garden-killing chickens from the garden came down and a fancy fence—with chicken wire used to fence in wiry chickens—came up in its place.

She knocked it out in an afternoon.

Like Yossarian I took immense pride in its construction without having any effort on my part invested in its creation. Not only that we reclaimed territory lost to the apocalyptic wasteland that is the dirt surface of a chicken enclosure and the washing line and back tap is ours again.

Take that, you feathered fuckers. 

On entry to the new pen to reclaim eggs the duck had another go at me. Fortunately my flappy tracksuitharem pants afforded it folds to uselessly chomp on leaving my smooth, muscled legs free from d'mage

Take that, you water-preferring still-a-fucker.

Adios "the wall" and hello "the fence".

And hopefully soon adios "The Donald". That he got to be the GOP nominee is Jasper's beard manifest in orange flesh. 

What a fuckstick.

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