Monday, October 10, 2016

Adieu, Stainy McStain

I had a habit of nick-naming my clothes or that worn by others. That stopped after thewife gave away a shirt she liked I called "Sergeant Pepper" for the faux epaulets on the shoulders because I kept saying "Hey, Sergeant Pepper!" whenever she wore it.

So there's a relationship tip; don't give nick-names to your partner's clothing.

I of course still have nick-names for mine and one such shirt was "Stainy McStain", a green and blue collarless t-shirt I wore with ladies PJ bottoms for post-shower-home attire and which had a permanent Mongolian-spot like stain on the front across the white section.

Each time I wore it I'd shout "I'M WEARING A SHIRT" forcing thewife to wearily rejoinder "Is it Stainy McStain?"—the only answer I'd accept.

Recently my wardrobe got thinned by thewife. All the clothes three tree rings ago plus others rarely worn went.

I noticed Stainy McStain was no longer in the t-shirt section. 

At first she lied and said I'd lost it at the coast but then confessed it was in the mini-fridge sized bulk clothing bag where all the thinned clothing had gone because she hated it.

To get it back would require diving back into the mega-bag of carefully folded to-give-away clothing and I don't have the physical capacity to do it without making a mess.

I have been checkmated. 

So adieu, Stainy McStain, you wore on me well. Good luck for when you get tipped into that machine that spits out blankets.

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