Monday, September 05, 2016

Three hours to write; found a typo ten seconds after I sent it in

I set my task of bashing out an option paper and sending it in. 

It was in re-reading the email that I saw the typo in the second para and sighed the heavy sigh of someone who has emailed an email with a typo in the second para.

It is what it is; and it's a reminder to, if I re-edit an intro, to read it aloud once more to make sure it makes sense. It's such a basic thing to do and I forgot to do it.

I just hope it doesn't sully the substance.

Anyway, I set myself the task to do it today and it is done. 

Sixth ping position paper is away; WFTW.

UPDATE: Found another typo. Sigh. I re-sent it with corrections. Now I am not going to read it again in case it happens again.

UPDATE2: Re-read it and found two more typos so corrected (again) and re-sent it. Fucking hell. I should have printed it and read it aloud before sending. Non-Jesus wept!

UPDATE3: Confirmed arrival and a touch base later. Hooray! 

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