Thursday, September 15, 2016

She's back


On read of Senator Pauline Hanson's speech I can see it's the same pig ignorant bonkers stuff as last time she was in parliament.

Six years of this. Six.

Double sigh.

UPDATE: Hanson already epic-pwned by Graham Perrett (from ABC News):

... Labor MP Graham Perrett described Senator Hanson as a "one-trick pony".

"And that trick is fear and division," he told reporters at the entrance to Parliament House.

Brandishing a pocket version of the document, Mr Perrett quoted Section 116 of the constitution, that the Commonwealth shall not prohibit "the free exercise of any religion".

"It's very clear that the founding founders put that in our constitution for a very good reason, so that the bigotry of people like Pauline Hanson cannot be visited upon people who want to pray according to their beliefs," he said.

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