Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Reverse whinge

I suddenly remembered mid-motion that I am awesome and I have to admit being in the middle of a shit and experiencing self-actualisation was in itself a delicious additional oddity. 

I'd been whinging of late about my state and when in mid-motion it occurred to me that such thoughts just should not be.

Without the me there would be no injury. 

My psych told me that I am values-led and that leads me to make quixotic attempts to fix the world.

Except, they're not quixotic. I have actually brought change and I have a Trump-esque heightened sense of self worth—I am fucking awesome at my shit (1).

Indeed, like Trump, I too know all the words, the best words, and I am about to use them again in a very real and meaningful sense.


(1) Which, as noted, the re-realisation occurred mid-shit. And, unlike Donald Trump, I'm actually good at my job. Unless, that is, his job is to be a cock-spank.in which case he wins (salutes Donald).

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