Thursday, September 08, 2016

Ragequit the shed door

The other day the router dropped out at a moment of heightened anxiety and instead of gently opening the shed door I bashed it open with the underside of my fist. 

On the inside of the door are about thirty magnets holding up a poster of movie lines and a number of them sprackled off the door and across the cement floor and just outside—one shattering into three pieces. 

It was an IT-fail-caused moment but I instantly regretted the fisting because it was noisy and it was unneeded. It's not its fault; it's a machine—and almost certainly it's the ISP that is causing it.

Plus, I then had to pick the magnets up. I used my magnet-on-a-stick, my grabber and, with gritted teeth, I had to also bend to get them. The discomfort of retrieval was another lesson not to rage against the (IT) machine.

Part of Zen is self-acceptance. We fail and then we try once more.


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