Thursday, September 15, 2016

Just fell through "the wall"

"the wall" is the name for the chicken pen fence that sections off the yard we sacrificed to the chickens. It's made up of bamboo, an old screen door, a gate and some ornamental fencing and is about six feet high.

The wind had picked up and the large wooden plank that keeps "the wall" from collapsing outward had fallen and when I came out of the shed the chickens were loose and madly tearing the veggie patch asunder. 

I swapped out my slippers for slip on sandal-thongs and chased one back in, restored the wall, and then went for the fattest. I started in the veggie patch and caught her next to then pen.

I lifted her up to push her over but had to stretch up and lean. That's when her weight, my weight, the angle we were at and physics took over and I fell through "the wall". I felt myself go and had just enough time to think, cartoon style, "uh-oh."

Then I found myself on the ground, facing upright, the bamboo middle section pinned beneath me. Fortunately neither chicken was harmed—nor escaped. I took a whack to the gut, and scraped hands and forearms. I got up and restored "the wall", though the middle section that I fell through has a partial Mikey-vent through the top third. I'm hoping the chickens can't flap that high.

Then I went and had a shower given I'd rolled fresh wounds through a semi-muddy chicken yard. 

So go me for an achievement for the day. 

"What did you do?" 

"Well, I fell through a wall."

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