Thursday, September 15, 2016

G-rated cursing habit dropped

Since I rarely need to self-censor my ability (or desire) to self-censor has left.

I admit it's a design fail to have keys on a hook above the kitty litter tray but when I dropped the keys I cooked off; nasty, spitting anger with pure venom—"You _______ ____."

Of course the reason I dropped them is my fine motor skills are shot to shit from medication and injury. I think that's why I got so mad; because it's unfair. My body already didn't work properly and then I had dexterity stolen from me as well. 

I'll have to re-bake in the habit when I cross back into normalspace but for now it seems I'm just letting my cursing flag fly.  

"(insert top row of keyboard letters ending with!)"

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