Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Eighth ping; found typo in ninth para

It was after I sent the eighth ping that I discovered the typo. 

And no, I did not print and read aloud before sending like I said I would.

I thought about re-sending with a correction made but the information provides enough context for the meaning to be clear. 

It's still a yucky typo and I hates the typos.

I know why I didn't print and read; because it was anxiety inducing. I needed to boldly Point Break out the plane and to do due diligence might athwart me.

So eighth ping away. Here's hoping it pings back.


UPDATE: Ping back after a follow up. Area man excited...

UPDATE2: Non-Jesus wept, two fails in an email and so that means two more emails with corrections. I fucking have to print and read! Area man needs to heed own advice, for fuck's sake. 

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