Monday, September 19, 2016

Defeated by a watering system so my face watered

I tried to get the backyard tap to work but the automatic watering system that was bolted onto it defeated me. No matter the setting I picked I could not get the water to come the fuck out. 

I started unscrewing the system so as to bolt the hose directly to the tap with my trembling, coordination-robbed hands, thought better of it knowing I lacked the dexterity to put it back or even connect the hose to the tap at all, then screwed it all back up and left it.

I felt utterly useless. I started crying in the kitchen because I couldn't do a basic task and shouted I was useless. Then, as if my son was there, I yelled I wasn't useless because that's he would have said if he heard me. 

So it was an echo of yesterday; feeling defeated, lost and robbed. But the moment passed, I gritted teeth and then kept the fuck going. 


UPDATE: The battery on the automatic watering system had died. It was not me; it was a tech fail.

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