Friday, September 23, 2016

Chickens want food!

I was musing in the shed when there was this horrid, repeated scratching-on-metal sound through the outside metal wall—the shed making up part of "the wall", the chicken pen fence that separates them from us.

I went out. They were clustered behind the fence near the shed door. The big one had been scratching and pecking.

They looked up at me and clucked with menace—with the implication that the shed wall noise would continue if I did not meet their demands.

I caved. I got a small amount of feed and sprayed it across their yard so they'd be excited about finding it. They didn't move at first; they looked me in the eye with a cocked, tiny, menacing dinosaur eye, and only then went off to find then eat it.

They already own 20 per cent of the garden. One morning I'm going to come out and find they've annexed the shed and I'll have to bribe them out with two sacks of feed and a Tony Abbott chew toy.

I know, the latter surprised me too. I think they're socialists—earlier I caught one of them reading the Green Left Weekly.

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