Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A peril of shed-based writing; spiders

I just had a huntsman spider run onto my hand, exiting from the top of a hard drive and on to my flesh.

I felt it at first, then looked, and a mini-bolt of terror shot through me. But I stayed still and it crawled away after a few beats. 

I tried to get it before it vanished into the depths of IT desk clutter and failed.

But then it came back. Despite being nestled against laptop cables I double fisted downward slams to stun it then found my shed-based grabber to fatally squish it (slash) take its body to the bin.

To have what feels like a giant spider crawl onto your hand only to look down and confirm that is exactly what is happening is genuinely unsettling. 

I fully feel for people who are scared of spiders; that would have done my nut had I been arachnophobic and I'd have to insect bomb the shed to take out the likely others. 

In fact I may just do that anyway.

(Adds it to chore list)

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