Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Where Bunnings makes an intriguing offer...

I was cycling through battle anthems on YouTube when an ad for Fathers Day, to use the correct case and punctuation, from Bunnings caught my attention:

"... whatever your dad is into we can meet their need." (1)

Now I suspect the origin for the response to this immediate "accept the offer" challenge was Clerks 2 but I instantly said "fucking donkeys?"

Then I imagined the apron-clad ginger likewise accepting the offer as a good troupe member should to let me know that tiny harnesses could be found in aisle 12. 

That's Fathers Day comedy gold, I tell you, gold!

(1) I believe that was what was said; it's too hard to cycle through to find it again. Bunnings cleverly have a high number of different ads on rotation to hit their branding message but make it "not boring" by having a different ad where possible—and they keep them short so they don't get skipped. Well done to the peeps that run the Bunnings campaigns; their YouTube use is best practice.

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