Thursday, August 11, 2016

Teased for faux swearing

My habit of swearing in a G-rated fashion copped some gentle teasing after I dropped a "biscuits!" and R— said "Woah, what's with all the crusty talk?!"

But I am a professional and I try not to drop anything more than a "shit" unless I am describing something heinous—and I'll forewarn that some adult language will be coming if that is the case.

Once the GLF begins I'll have to further retard any salty sea talk until I find my sea legs on whatever ship takes me. At least until I work out what's considered acceptable onboard. 

After-all, in some workplaces the seven no-no words are used in common discourse—as evidenced by any time you read a transcript of a police-to-police conversation where it's "c—" this and "f—" that.

I'm going to miss my team; they got me through some nasty despair and wrenching bitterness. 

Onward and fucking upward.


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