Monday, August 29, 2016

Paperwork fright

I had a reaction to paperwork; it's benign but it sparked anxiety. I found myself falling back on CBT and calmly, vocally, telling a panicking, trembling self what I was going to. 

"We are printing it." "We are finding a pen that works." "We have signed it now we are getting our washing from the dryer..." and so on.

It seems so dumb to react to it; it's just fucking paperwork. But, sweet lord baby Jesus, reacted I have.

"I will write this down then go and then put my washing away".


UPDATE: It happened again; this time it was an email. It's benign but I don't want to see it and it sparked a reaction. Emotionally it's like being stuck mid-huge-poo; you just have to push on through.

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