Friday, August 26, 2016

Lost another steed

Farewell, SoTPC, whose computer fried at the seven kay mark and is now inert. Fortunately, the resistance setting didn't die so I shrugged the loss off, watched the end of what I was watching, listened to some Tripod, then got off and put "?" against most of the stats I collect given the loss of the computer.

So it seems I have ridden yet another bike to death. That's a lifetime total of three; one free-wheeler (the handlebars tore off at the stem when I tried to cross an intersection) and two exercise bikes—The Purgatory Cart (TPC) (I broke the seat stem) and now Son of The Purgatory Cart (SoTPC) (dead computer).

Looks like Mikey be goin' shoppin'.

(Cue montage of Mikey walking into an exercise equipment shop, looking at two bikes, choosing one, then thewife organising it all to happen and assembling it because she is totes awesome at that shit).

UPDATE: SoTPC ... is alive! Turns out the plug in the powerboard was loose. Plugged it back in and, voila!, back to normal. Well, presumed so. Yet to re-board it since it "died". We shall see...

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