Monday, August 22, 2016


I was atop the SoTPC when I entered an extended stretch of bliss out where your body, breathing and pedaling are all in sync as music fills your head. It lasted most of the album I listed to—"The Fauves" by The Fauves.

To be fair I have those moments because I am exercising—it's not an inverse reaction to trauma—but if you had said to me ten years ago you are going to do daily exercise and occasionally bliss out on it I'd have brayed pizza at you in mocking laughter.

But moderate to intensive exercise is the best anti-sads defence there is and it keeps the wobble moments at bay. It's a "must do" not a "want to do" but how glorious that amid the grinding toil of a "must do" that I can just bliss the fuck out.


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