Sunday, July 24, 2016

The purge

I awoke from a dream where I had been calmly telling off an antagonist while they were in bed to find myself in IBS-afflicted reality. I lay supine in the dark as echos of the dream faded and the screaming pain of the now registered. I staggered off to the toilet and went; it was a double flusher.

But, after some meds and time, the spasms are passing. I think both my mind and body are purging ahead of the GLF. In my dream I wasn't yelling, I was simply stating my case. And instead of the dream spawning a longform grief-stricken space out I've had but mini ones; they flit about my head like a butterfly before flying away.

My mind and body agree; bring on the GLF and lets see where it takes us.


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