Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Special Agent Rimmer—yet more Rimmering

I travelled through a flurry of snowflakes on the bus ride in—a rare experience to have snow in Canberra in spite of the lying postcards we sell—and it proved an apt metaphor for the day ahead. A flurry of activity across multiple strata of what I do. 

I was full Special Agent Rimmer, mastering this and perfecting that. And even as the stress and worry tore through me I had a buzz on from the frenetic and gainful activity. Though the burden came at a cost I got to make then implement decisions.

Being a low echelon super competent has its drawbacks, the main one being the first one. I choose to stay low because it affords me the ability to do what I do without the burden of managing others—I don't want to be a manger even though I'd excel at that too.

But to step up and take a bigger chunk of the job and then make calls and be respected for them is fucking awesome—and it turned out face-to-face is a big part of it so my spiffing my hair and clothes actually paid off

Rising to the challenge and sucking the blood out of it for the win.

Take that into your back-face.

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