Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sixth ping

I'd not registered the fifth ping but the sixth ping is a bigger version of the fifth ping.

I spent ages revising the document supporting the sixth ping before sending it off and lucky I had.

For it was yesterday I found the typo, "be" instead of "me", in that core document—a document I'd been using for three years. I winced when I saw it—a turd in the pool—and it was a reminder from a boss long ago to read a document aloud before sending.

It's such a basic safety move and that I failed to do it shows my ravenous ego feeds complacency. I am not that great that I can't still fuck up (1).

Anyway, sixth ping. Will anything come from it? I'd say not; but it's better to ping than sit mute in the dark.


UPDATE: Followed it up with a phone call to confirm receipt and that someone is looking at it. Hooray!

UPDATE2: Late-July and being waved in for a chat. TBC...

UPDATE3: Time and date confirmed; WFTW.

(1) That follows from the other day when someone pointed out that my fucking website lacked a homepage button on the left-hand menu. I hadn't registered it was not there. Again, a basic safety feature I should have had from the start (face-palm).

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