Friday, July 08, 2016

Rack 'em and stack 'em

I got another walk-in-the-pod thanks for whipping up six pages of concept diagrams using the drawing tools in Word. They needed it for a meeting the next working day and needed someone with the ability to pull this sort of shit out of their arse.

I am a workplace magician; I make things happen. Lights on, hot water and cold water on, magic pictures carved from the bones of a Microsoft Word file, delivered. 

I loved it. I glowed after being flooded with praise. What a rush. 

It's moments like that which make you love your furious-pace work self. I am the what-I-do equivalent of a 10xer, the engineer term for a coder whose code is so elegant it would have taken ten others to match in terms of outcome.

So three cheers for me, work-Captain Vegetable, with my Word carrot and SharePoint celery.

Double secret WFTW.

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