Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mind the gap

Toilet seats, I've decided, are not designed with men in mind. The hole is not big enough, for one, because you have to go sideways to get to your arse because your junk is in the way. The other anti-man issue is the gap between the lid and the porcelain. 

When you piss sitting down unless you actively manage the situation, which I failed to do, there's a chance that flow will lift you enough that the spray or stream will go between that most delicate of places, the gap between lid and toilet, and out into the void beyond.

Then down on to the clothes below.

For some reason this gap is larger when in a disabled toilet. I don't know why—thicker ridges lifting the seat to take the weight of someone in a harness? Either way it's a big gap and I didn't manage the situation.

I didn't know at first; it was maybe for a minute or two and I registered the damp. Fortunately the damage was inner, no seep through, but it was unpleasant until it dried

And it was a reminder that, when seated, you need to actively manage the situation. Because if you don't your situation may just be enduring a piss-dampened arse the rest of the day.

A total toilet fail; a TTF, if you will.

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