Sunday, July 10, 2016

Lookin' all purty for meet 'n' greets

I have to do face-to-face liaising in the coming week so I have to pay closer attention to my appearance.

Whilst I have to wear sneakers because of my completely flat feet, failing knees and failing remaining hip, the otherwise black shoes have a pink outlined "Z" on each side of the shoe (or "N" depending on your point of view). They're a little lurid for the workplace even though they're the only shoes I have.

So I coloured in the "Z" with a black sharpie. The pink is still showing so it will need another go.

I only ever have the one pair of shoes on the go because I can only wear the one type of shoe. So I've no choice but to have done a Boris Johnson and resort to a cosmetic touch-up using a tool at hand (1).

It will mean wearing a business collared shirt and belted pants, the latter if my IBS allows. But no tie; I won't cross that threshold. 

I'll also have to get a haircut because my brand of balding when my hair shags up is "mad scientist"—the hairs sprout out and with my bulging eyes I look like I've just dashed into a room of important people with papers in fist to declare them fools for not listening to me. 

My hair has shagged to full "MWHAHAHA!" length.

Perception is a fickle mistress. I know and prove my worth; my appearance should not affect people's judgement. But it does and since I am doing face-to-face ministry I need to look the part.

Can I get an Amen? 

UPDATE: Haircut achieved. I walked a dozen paces into a shopping centre then into a salon and within thirty seconds the cut was on. Ten minutes and I was out the gate like a newly shorn sheep. A quick change of shirt later, to wipe away the little hairs that drop down the neck and to swap out the now hair-afflicted shirt for a hair-free shirt, and I was off to lunch. No longer will my long hair and balding combo frighten the children and serious men alike.

(1) Boris legendary for taking care of stains on a white shirt using tippex (AKA liquid paper) according to the biography I am reading. 

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