Friday, July 15, 2016

It was like a crystal radio experience

I had to listen to an audio file but the jack on my box doesn't like the plug of my buds. Yes, I just wrote that and it makes total sense. So I had to lean forward and physically jam the plug into the box so it would not sproing out for the 12 or so minutes the file ran for. 

I felt like a kid from the '30s when they had their crystal radio that they listened to with an earplug ear-piece, all doe-eyed with excitement and completely unaware of the utter horror that lay in their immediate future.

The best thing was that what I listed to was sometimes pretty funny and at one point I snortled. I felt like saying "The Huns said a jolly, chaps!" to explain my snort-choked laughter. 

It still sucks that my buds won't jack in, and I suspect the box's age is at fault, but I don't want to report it. A new box means new this and new that and it's a whole aching mess; forget about it!

Besides, it added to the moment which made my day, listening to something of joy and wonder.


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